2001 Clinical and Scientific Meeting

Richard Schloeffel

Two Case Studies of Successful Treatment of CFS/M.E.

Case 1
30 year old woman originally diagnosed with CFS after developing severe fatigue, weight loss and gastrointestinal dysfunction following excessive sports training in 1988. Initially seen in September 1999 with ongoing severe fatigue, constant headache, chronic sore throats, bowel dysfunction, amenorrhoea, sleep disturbance and post exertional fatigue. Found to have a positive PCR test for Chlamydia pneumoniae with positive IgG and IgA antibodies.

Commenced on Doxycycline 200 mg 2 mane, Nilstat tbd, probiotics, vitamins B/C, zinc, chromium, Acidophillus capsules, and a yeast-sugar free diet. After 11 months on Doxycycline 2 daily, changed to Doxycycline 2 daily for 10 days per month for another 12 months.

She has now fully recovered, with no symptoms of CFS, at full time work, playing tennis and planning her first pregnancy with her menstrual cycle now regular.

Case 2
61 year old man who first developed bowel problems in 1958 with constant abdominal discomfort, chronic diarrhoea and weight gain. Gradually experienced ongoing fatigue, cognitive dysfunction. In spite of a full working life as an executive, has always struggled to cope due to persistence of his symptoms. Developed Hypothyroidism after Thyroidectomy for a Retrosternal Goitre in 1992 and Sleep Apnoea in 1998. Diagnosed with Mycoplasma fermentens in 1998 on PCR testing.

Initially seen in June 1999 with moderate-severe CFS, relative Hypothermia (temp 34.8 to 37 degrees C) and constant headache, sinusitis, diarrhoea up to 40 times daily, brain fog and severe myalgia. Treated with Doxycycline 2 mane, Nilstat one bd, for 6 months, given Tertroxin (Liothyronine) 20 ug on mane in addition to Thyroxine 150 ug one daily. Also given Bactroban nasal ointment bd for 6 months following a positive Staphylococcal nasal swab with Deltatoxin. This resulted in improvement in brain fog, pain and fatigue.

The bowel problem persisted with very low E coli counts in Faecal Microbiological Assay. Received 13 donor faecal bacterial infusions per rectum, after a short course of antibiotics / bowel colonic irrigations. Followed by ongoing probiotic therapy.

Now no symptoms of CFS, normal cognitive function, and normal once daily bowel motions, and a sense of 40 plus years of diminished life.


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